Please complete this form as best you can, in order to prepare fully for your wedding day.

We can then discuss the details and arrange your timeline for the day.

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Wedding Photography Details Form

Family and Group Photographs

I know that all of these options together will take 20-25 minutes once everyone is gathered and ready *Bride and Groom is shortened to B&G
(Most couples stay with the photographs listed above but if you would like extras please allow 5-7 minutes for any additional photographs.)
*Straight after ceremony is recommended
Please allow 5 minutes for every group/Family Photograph added
For eg. is anybody involved a wheelchair user so that arrangements can be made and locations changed

Couples Portraits

Couples portraits take 20-30 minutes depending on the locations and distance to be covered
Straight away at venue is recommended
Please include addresses and directions if somewhere different to ceremony location or venue

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