When I was growing up dreaming of becoming a photographer the industry was largely a male preserve. That’s how it was and that’s how it looked like continuing. As I think back I cannot honestly think of any female photographers working in my home city back then, yet straight away I can think of three or four male photographers. That however, is beginning to change, as female photographers lead the charge in this changing industry. So what happened?

Well a mixture of things came together at once – 1) the advent of some great female photographers to inspire and teach and 2) the explosion of social media which allowed their every move to be captured and sent around the world to a captive audience.

Female photographers like Jasmine Star, Jessica ClaireElisabeth Messina and Caroline Ghetes have opened up a whole new world of possibilities to the twenty-first century bride. Their photos are full of light and emotion, a softness and femininity that I think only women can capture. Not only do they have a great desire to produce a brilliant photograph but they also know how to convey that to their brides in a language that women understand. Jasmine Star for example writes as beautifully as she captures images. Her blog is like a romantic soap opera that you have to tune into each week for the next installment. Written with women in mind Jasmine has the ability to describe the weddings she photographs in a way that fills you with romantic notions and almost makes the images jump off the page as if you too were there.

That, I feel is the essence of the female photographer – a real understanding of brides dreams and hopes for her wedding day. Its an understanding of what most girls have dreamt of from an early age and an ability to peace it all together in a collection of images on her wedding day…and that is what we will look at in part 2


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