How to Assign Roles and Responsibilities at your Wedding

When planning your wedding day, there are a plethora of wedding roles and responsibilities to consider and so it’s important to share the workload by assigning different tasks to your wedding party and others involved in your big day. Every task should be done efficiently and on time to ensure the show runs smoothly. 

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Typically, one of the first things couples do after getting engaged is to pick the wedding party. There are traditional party roles that are important and are assigned to complete specific jobs at weddings. For example, the Best Man is the groom’s main support on the day and typically delivers a very important speech. 

Who will be part of your wedding party is entirely your decision. It should consist of people whom you trust and who will support you throughout the planning stages and on the day itself. 

What are the Different Roles at a Wedding?

Below you will find information on the different roles and wedding responsibilities, which will help you in choosing your party.


These are the bride’s right-hand women. These roles are usually taken by the bride’s closest friends, while the Maid of Honour role is typically assigned to the bride’s sister or best friend. Bridesmaid roles are the highest honour in the wedding party and come with a host of responsibilities – including helping the bride with the ceremony and venue planning, and even helping her to choose her wedding dress. It is also important to have some input from the bridesmaids as to the type of dress they would like to wear so that they feel comfortable on the day. 



Traditionally, groomsmen stand next to the groom at the ceremony and are involved in organising the events that lead up to the wedding, such as the stag. They are on-hand to support the groom with anything he may need. The best man role is usually assigned to the groom’s best friend or brother. 

Flower girls
This role is a charming addition and is usually taken by a niece or a younger sibling. It is traditionally meant for girls but these days many couples will assign the role to a boy also. The flower girls walk down the aisle with the bridesmaid, dropping petals as they go. They will also typically wear a white dress. 

Ring bearer
As the name suggests, the ring bearer carries the ring down the aisle. You may appoint anyone from the wedding party or choose another family member for this special honour.

Your Get to Decide what happens at your own wedding

Of course, it is entirely up to you which wedding responsibilities you assign to each member of your wedding party. For example, if a groomsman is a confident public speaker you may ask him to deliver the best man speech instead, also, some brides may choose to have a male best friend or brother as a bridesmaid. Ultimately, you don’t need to follow traditional rules, instead, choose your party as to what feels ‘right’ for you!

It is important to remember too that due to distance, your bridesmaid or Maid of Honour may not be available to attend your wedding dress fitting or bachelorette party so why not instead have them join in the fun via a video call. 


Remember it is Your Special Day

Choosing your wedding party can be a difficult and even stressful decision and you may disappoint someone by leaving them out. Remember it is your special day, so you need to pick the right support group to have around you! Set honest expectations with each member of your bridal party so that they are clear as to what wedding responsibilities are expected of them. These special people will after all be standing next to you on the most important day of your life!

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