Questions to ask your Irish wedding suppliers

The process of planning your wedding can be overwhelming – I understand! You may often struggle to ask the right questions, and I completely understand that it is something you have never done before. So don’t worry. I’m here to help! If you have planned for a local wedding and are visiting to meet your Irish wedding suppliers in person then there are a certain set of questions you should ask. It will make you feel more confident and you can extract the crucial information that you need to make a decision. Wedding suppliers are a big part of your special day so it’s vital to make the right choice. Covering essential aspects will help you save money and avoid unwanted surprises at the last minute.

What Questions should I ask my wedding suppliers in Ireland

Here are a few questions you need to ask your potential  Irish wedding suppliers before you bring them on board:


Check availability of the suppliers

Check with the supplier if they have the dates available for your big day. Or if not, then what are the other possible surrounding dates available? If there’s no availability then you may have to look for another vendor.

Request for their price list

Many suppliers do not publish their price lists on the website. You should ask the supplier to share the brochure or the price list to gain an insight into what they are offering and what the costs are. Often the prices listed are standard, so you can ask for specifics if you are looking at something unique or want some customisation. For example: when you are booking a florist, there are a lot of things that you should consider, as there are many variables involved. These include the types of flowers that will be used for the venue decor, those that the bridesmaids will carry, etc. So have a transparent conversation with the supplier for clarity at both ends. Always remember the best and most professional wedding suppliers in Ireland will ensure transparency and will be willing to address your concerns when they are dealing with you.


Booking fees and payment terms 

Many suppliers will take an advance deposit but what if something urgent comes up? Some may ask you to deposit the full amount, some may ask for part of it. Check with the supplier for their booking fees, and terms regarding a refund if you cancel the event or plan to reschedule it. It is important to learn about the booking fees and other charges so you can manage the budget and cash flow for the wedding. It can happen vice versa too, a supplier may sometimes have to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances. You need to know what they will do for you in such cases regarding any money you have paid.

Prices in Ireland for a wedding

Check with the supplier if the prices they have quoted are exclusive of VAT? Some suppliers charge VAT while others include the same in the overall pricing. Nevertheless, if your supplier is charging VAT then it can be a good sign, demonstrating that they are well established, experienced, and have reached a considerable level of success in their business.



Some suppliers are available to work for local weddings only. However, some are willing to travel for destination weddings. Check if they are willing to travel to your wedding location and the additional charges this would incur. Would there be any specific expenses apart from travel and accommodation which you should know about in advance?


Why insurance? This is because it can protect you from any unforeseen incident or accident.  For example, one of your guests may have an accidental fall resulting in damage to the whole sound system. 

Ask the wedding supplier if they have insurance in place. In such scenarios, you won’t be held responsible for damages as the vendors will be covered and reimbursed should the worst happen. In addition to this, insurance also indicates if the supplier is reputable and professional in their work. And it gives you peace of mind, too.

Possibility for any changes to the package

This applies to all your vendors such as cake makers, caterers, florists, photographers, etc. For example, You should have questions to ask your photographer such as “Will they offer group photos as part of the package” or “What would be the change in the pricing if I wanted to have a specific portrait in a different location?” Ask your vendors whether such changes are allowed within your budget or the extent of customization they can support towards your needs.

Ask these questions to the Irish wedding suppliers that you are considering. Having such discussions will help you choose the best options that are available. At the end of the day, it is all about you and your loved one, and creating the day that you both dream of.

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