One of the most important things in the preparations stages of your wedding day is the wedding dress. You have been to countless boutiques, tried on numerous dresses and then you found the one! What next? Once you bring home your dress it is so important to store it carefully in the lead up to your wedding. One of the worst things you could actually do is hang it up, especially if the dress has lots of beading or other details that a could be weighed down if stored on a hanger. You should lay your dress flat in a breathable wedding gown bag using acid free tissue paper or alternatively use a cotton sheet. The plastic bag that you might get with the dress should not be used for long as it may cause dampness if used long term. Getting closer to the day you can then hang up your dress on a hanger to let the creases fall out and then you are all set for the big day itself!

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how to store my wedding dress