Wedding venue brochures throw around words like ‘exquisite’ and ‘enchanting’ pretty lightly, but with Waterford Castle every grand adjective is justified. The ferry over was such a thrill – all the excitement of an elopement! – and who doesn’t want to get married in an ivy-covered castle? Or actually, in the case of Hannah and Paul, who doesn’t want to get married in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony with an ivy-covered castle as a backdrop?

Their family and friends welcomed me with such warmth, and I loved the comfortable intimacy of their informal celebration, captured so well in the shot of them sitting side by side, arms and hands entwined, listening to their readings and smiling. Plus, their day was styled around the kind of understated, easy-on-the-eye elegance that I just adore; Hannah’s delicate lace capelet and pastel bouquet are just two of the details that made this day one of the highlights of my wedding year.


Flowers: Maruta Burtniece

Wedding Dress: Folkster Bridal

Wedding Hair: Love Hair

Wedding Makeup: Kerry Ryan

Wedding Shoes: Kate Appleby

Wedding Cake: Cherub Couture