Irish engagement ring trends for 2022

Your friends are getting engaged, and you’re on the verge of doing the same. That means it is time to search for the perfect ring! Regardless of whether you choose a design together or you want to surprise your soon-to-be spouse, your engagement ring should last a lifetime. In 2022, we are likely to see a range of styles for Irish engagement rings as we understand that there’s no standard size that fits all when searching for a ring that reflects the love between a couple. 

Now, without further ado, allow me introduce you to the Irish engagement ring trends for 2022

Multistone rings

The uniting of two persons as a pair is symbolised by the presence of two stones on an engagement ring. This romantic ideology may appear to be a cutting-edge style but, this is actually an old-fashioned form of engagement ring. The three-stone ring has also been around for quite some time, and it is thought that the triple stones symbolise the past, present, and future for a couple as they go through the many stages of a relationship. That being said, it is no surprise that these designs have found themselves among the 2022 engagement ring trends!

irish engagement ring trends 2022 2023

Colour splash

To commemorate your love journey, why not choose from an array of vibrant coloured stones. Coloured stones such as sapphires and emeralds are popular and chic again, including pink, yellow and blue variations! If you are getting a custom-designed Irish engagement ring for your fiancee, ask the jeweller to include colourful side stones next to the main stone, or select a line of colourful stones for the base of the band. Among the various possibilities, I like this option since it’s special and individual!

Oval shapes

Oval-cut stones are trendy again, and they will be one of the major trends this year according to Irish engagement ring jewellers. It’s easy to see why! The gentle, elongated form of the oval pulls the eye to the hand and gives the fingers a longer appearance. The spirit of time is preserved in ovals, which are known for their flirtatious and feminine nature. I am certain that this style will be a Dublin engagement ring favourite for 2022, and beyond!

irish engagement ring trends 2022 2023

Vintage styles

When you find an original, heirloom-quality item, it’s a tremendous treat! Vintage Irish engagement rings provide a nostalgic link to a specific individual, like a grandmother or mother; while also allowing the bearer to personalise the band. If you want to give the ring a vintage vibe, try using milgrain, hand engravings, draping, or filigree design techniques together with a new band or diamond shape or cut.

Trends for Irish engagement rings often progress at a slower rate than that of chic clothes, footwear, and purses. And yet, they’re probably some of the most fascinating trends to uncover because they are personal treasures worn close to the heart. That’s why it is important to know how to properly care for an engagement ring – to learn more, see this blog post on the subject!