With the most hotly anticipated fictional wedding in tv land upon us, lets take a look at Serena and the other bridesmaids style on the big day. Whatever Serena and Blair wear on the show is always hugely anticipated and then copied across the globe. So what did the bridesmaids wear and what can we take as an on trend look for bridesmaids this summer?

Well, the girls wore Vera Wang Bridemaid dresses for David’s Bridal, called white. The gowns are a beautiful blush color, which we also saw being worn at the Golden Globes this year. Used to couture, Im sure the episode won’t show the girls sitting with their iPads online looking for dresses but you can get the look at David’s Bridal website where the good news is that they ship to Ireland and prices start at just $150.

Now you too can have a little piece of the Upper East Side xoxo


Here’s another look at Serena’s Dress