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When I first set out on my wedding photography business I greatly valued the mentors who showed me the right path and got my business off to the perfect start.

Being able to ask questions, observe how it was done and always have someone to turn to for advice enabled me to confidently photograph my first wedding and learn the tricks of the trade that helped me get more bookings! I am so grateful to my mentors for helping me build the business I have today.

I am now sharing all that I have learned through one-to-one mentoring sessions. For aspiring new wedding photographers we will cover topics that matter to you from the techniques I use on a wedding day to workflow after the wedding.

If you are looking to share your ideas, have questions about how to get started or move to the next level or are in need of branding and marketing advice then get in touch and we can schedule a mentoring session either where I live in Waterford,  via Skype or we could meet up if I am travelling in your area.

The purpose of these sessions is to inspire, motivate and enable you to take your business to the next level!


If you would like to learn the practical side of photographing weddings, how I pose couples during a couples session, how I edit my images after a wedding and what my workflow looks like then one of my workshops is an ideal way to learn in a relaxed and fun environment. And you get to meet other great photographers too!

To join my current waiting list for workshops please leave your details below and I will inform you about any upcoming workshops in your area.


We will cover



For Photographers


Putting Your Photography Systems in Place

Why Systems for Your Business are Important When I first started my photography business, in the first few months photography jobs were quiet. Nobody had heard of me yet and I was biding my time by getting more experience and also by setting up the actual business... read more

The 5 things I do When I Book a Wedding

Each and every time you book a new wedding – the client experience and how to organise all of the information should be top of your mind. I strongly believe that finding a system that works for you, will help you stay on top of all of your client relationships,... read more

What Does My Wedding Photography Workflow Look Like?

You dont need me to tell you that wedding days can be busy affairs with lost happening at once. A lot of this is beyond your control as a photographer. People and ceremonies can run late, the weather can be changeable (it is Ireland after all) and with a group of... read more

Smoothly Does It…

Today I’m talking about workflow. One of the most wonderful things about working for yourself is that you have the freedom to decide what your working day looks like. You see, when you’re an employee  – whether you’re stacking supermarket shelves or defending a... read more

Why Consistency Matters – Meeting Expectations in Business

“If you’re persistent, you will get it. If you’re consistent, you will keep it.” In a creative industry, you’ll often find yourself reading business blog posts on arty subjects: how to establish your personal aesthetic, the value of getting involved in styled shoots,... read more

What To Do When You Haven’t Booked Any Weddings?

Booking weddings when you are starting out can be difficult. for most established wedding photographers their bookings come from referrals and recommendations from previous couples. But how do you get to this position and book weddings? You are a photographer after... read more

The Importance of Being Yourself

“Just be yourself.” Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told this line – perhaps by your well-meaning mum, dad or a friend – and rolled your eyes. All of us? I thought as much. The uncomfortable truth is it’s difficult to develop an unshakeable faith that... read more

If I Could Go Back to the Start – What Would I Do?

I’m sure this is a question that a lot of seasoned pros have asked themselves. And I’m sure the answers can vary. For me, with the benefit of hindsight, there are a couple of different approaches I would taking and focusing more on the business side of... read more

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