Capture All The Best Moments Of Your Very Best Day…


 With a photographer who understands exactly what you need

An Experience That Puts You Both First

Honestly, I know what it’s like to plan a wedding. The list seems never-ending.

I promise to give you an experience that puts you first. I’ll listen to what you want. And I definitely won’t be trying to coax you into anything cheesy! The last thing you need to be is self-conscious on your wedding day.

Only the right people get to share your wedding day with you. So, as your photographer is one of those people,  – it’s so important to make sure we are the right fit. 

I know I’ve been lucky to photograph so many weddings. Each one is unique, but they all have one thing in common – and it’s the thing I hear again and again: you just want to be free to enjoy your wedding, and to look back on a gallery of beautiful images that are unmistakably you. They are simply you – surrounded by those you love – at your very happiest and most relaxed. I hear you. 

I’ll listen to what’s important to you and give you beautiful photographs that capture what your day is all about.

 So, let’s chat and we can discuss what you need. 



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I’d love to chat. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding plans, and we can discuss what you’d like from your photos. I’s also including for a limited time a complimentary engagement session with each booking

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You Want Photographs That Take You Back to How You Felt on Your Wedding Day

This id What I do

A Stress Free Approach To Your Day

It goes without saying that you want your wedding photographs to be perfect reflection of you both as a couple and of your day. So, choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision.

It’s the one and only day when everybody who loves you will watch as you promise to spend your life with the one you love best. What could be more important than that?

I get it. You want your wedding day to be perfect. And I don’t mean the weather has to be perfect – this is Ireland after all! 

And I don’t mean there shouldn’t be a hair out of place all day, or that your dad shouldn’t embarrass you with his dance moves when the band starts to play! On the day, those kinds of things just don’t matter. Trust me.

When you walk down the aisle, you forget that you agonised for months over whether peonies or lilacs would be best for your bouquet.

What’s important are the feelings. Think of the swell of pride you’ll see on your dads face as he walks you down the aisle. How you thought your heart was going to burst as your new husband said his vows to you. You’ll remember how you laughed harder than you ever have during the speeches. You’ll have the best fun dancing with your bridesmaids at the reception.  

Good photography will capture all these feelings so you can keep reliving them whenever you take out your wedding album. That’s where I come in. Hi!

You want photos that – every single time you look at them – grab you and take you back to how you felt on your wedding day. You want a photographer who is warm and approachable, who can guide you through your day. Someone who can blend in with your guests, yet somehow capture all the best bits. Me again!

Because you’d like a stress-free and relaxed approach, resulting in elegant and timeless images, showing you at your happiest. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand how precious this day is. You can trust me to give you the images you’ve always imagined for your wedding photos.

Don’t leave it to chance. Let’s talk about what you need. I’ll listen and understand what you want from your photography, and I promise I won’t keep you away from your guests for too long.

[W]e could not recommend Tanya highly enough as a Wedding Photographer. She was so professional, friendly and provided us with a huge amount of guidance in advance of our wedding and on the day. Our group photos were taken quickly but were beautifully shot so everybody was delighted. Our bridal party all commented on how nice she was to have around and her professionalism and warm energy kept us calm and on track for the whole day. We now have a much better understanding of the level of importance of a great photographer, Tanya was a dream to have by our sides and it’s really special to have such gorgeous shots of precious moments. Thank you Tanya

Ciara & Gary

Congratulations! You've Got Everything Just Right

You’re engaged to your best friend in the world. What could be more exciting? And you’ve chosen a beautiful, Irish venue. You’re looking at dresses. Everything you choose is just you. 

You had the same feeling when you first met your fiancé, when you first walked into the venue, when you saw the dress – you just knew it was right. And you will know when we chat, that you’ve found the right photographer. Like most of the best photographers in Ireland, I tend to book up well in advance. As I’m currently booking weddings into 2023, , you probably want to get your skates on and put it at the top of your list.



Your Photographs Made Easy

Although I’ll be with you all day, great photos don’t take all day. 

You’ll look back and hardly remember seeing me. I’ll blend in with your guests, but what you’ll get is elegant and timeless images that tell the very best story. 

 And there’ll be the perfect balance of documentary, and family and group shots. When I look back on my own wedding photos, I am back there – right there – in the moment, squeezed tight by the love of my friends and family.


Your Wedding Day, Your Way

Ah my favourite bit. It’s such a privilege to be right there with you. Honestly – it’s the best. 

Sure, there’s a ton of planning, but on your wedding day any stress will melt away.. You can just leave all the organising to me. There’ll be nothing for you to worry about on the day – and I’ll give you the most beautiful set of photos.

I’ll capture all the big moments naturally and you’ll get beautiful images that take you straight back to all those feelings. 

And the couple and family shots will be done in just a few moments, so you’re not away from your guests too long.



Memories are everything. The day is over way too quickly, but you can have a lasting reminder in your photography.
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From the moment we met Tanya we were won over by her professional, approachable and friendly attitude not to mention her breath-taking natural style of photography. The wedding photographs she produced were truly beautiful and far beyond what we could have imagined. From her calming influence during the preparations, to the beautiful  photographs, she listened to our wishes and made the whole experience run so smoothly – nothing was too much trouble.


Tanya was incredible. Her eye for composition and her use of colour are both natural and elegant.

In the lead up to the big day, there wasn’t too much correspondence (my fault- I tend to be quite relaxed about these things), but there was truly no need: Tanya had everything taken care of. She was great at commanding families, made us (the bride & groom) feel comfortable, was on-time, did not miss a beat and was altogether wonderful.


We cannot recommend Tanya enough. Her attention to detail resulted in the delivery of the highest quality of photos far beyond our expectations. Her aim on the day is to achieve the best possible photos while also ensuring the bride and groom are at ease and comfortable and spending plenty of time with their family, friends and guests.

We feel so lucky to have had her capture the special moments on our day. She is an extremely talented photographer with a unique and timeless style.

Exclusive Irish Weddings

A Relaxed and Natural Approach To Your Day

Your Photographer Your Guide

Elegant and Timeless Photographs That Allow You To Enjoy Your Day Fully

Although I’ll be with you all day, great photos don’t take all day. 

You’ll look back and hardly remember seeing me. I’ll blend in with your guests, but what you’ll get is elegant and timeless images that tell the very best story. 

And there’ll be the perfect balance of documentary, and family and group shots. 

When I look back on my own wedding photos, I am back there – right there – in the moment, squeezed tight by the love of my friends and family. 


Timeless Photography


Effortlessly Elegant


Your Photographer as a Guide

Only the Best

About Tanya

Hi, I’m Tanya. I love a good wedding. I always have, and I’m incredibly lucky that my job means I get to see so many couples begin this journey together. 

Great wedding photography is about so much more than just beautiful images. You get to relive all the incredible highs of your wedding day. All the lump-in-the-throat moments are right there, gathered up for you to hold onto forever. 

Open your wedding album and there you are – back there again – in stitches as you pick confetti out of your mouth (thanks Auntie Cathleen!), or just about keeping it together as your eyes  brim with tears during your new husband’s speech. All sorts of emotions come up every time I open my own wedding album. I’ve always been more about people than things, but my wedding album is one possession I’d save from a fire – after my husband and daughter were safely outside, of course! 

After I lost my mum in 2011, I saw every wedding through fresh eyes. It’s the ultimate celebration between family and friends. It’s irreplaceable. When else will you have all these people who love you all in the same place?

I’ll capture these moments for you, so you never forget the joy and love you felt on your wedding day. 

My background is in teaching, and I bring that to my photography – my Teacher Voice works well for rounding up your friends for group photos! I guide you through your day without being obtrusive. I am discreet and organised, making sure I snap all the key moments. And I’m not into forced, or unnatural poses. You want elegant, relaxed and beautiful photos that are unmistakably you. 


I’ll put you at ease in front of the camera, so  you are free to enjoy your day without any stress or worry.

Plan Your Best Day

How It Works


Chat With Tanya

If you’re at that stage and you’re ready to secure your photographer for the date you’ve booked, then I’d love to chat. I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding plans, and we can discuss what you’d like from your photos. 

Choose Your Collection

And if the thought of making decisions about photography leaves you a bit queasy, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through all the possibilities. I have various collections to choose from to find the perfect photography for you both.


Let's Make A Plan

We’ll meet in plenty of time, and work together to plan what you want, so you can relax and look forward to your wedding. And if you’re not quite sure about exactly what you want – fear not. I’ll guide you through all the options. The most important thing is you know I get what you need. And you can feel free to get in touch any time before the wedding to chat through any questions. And there’s no such thing as a silly question, so fire away!