What’s Next? What To Expect From My Post-Wedding Service

I spend a lot of time here on the blog discussing what to anticipate on your wedding day – I guess that’s understandable as couples tend to be in ‘tunnel vision mode’ with their eyes on the prize i.e. the big day itself! But as any photographer will tell you,... read more

How to Choose the Location for your Couples Portraits

Lots of the brides I meet – and grooms too, actually – have planning down to a fine art. I’m consistently impressed by the foresight and the attention to detail they exhibit, balancing the pressure planning of their big day seemingly effortlessly alongside... read more

Why I Love Taking Family Photographs

When it comes to family photographs, my manifesto isn’t too dissimilar to my wedding business: I want to take photographs that are timeless, natural and beautiful. Often families contact me because they’re celebrating an important milestone – a birth, a ‘big’... read more

How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to book an engagement session – hurray! You won’t regret it, I promise 😉 But as you’re required to confirm the details – when, where, what ‘look’ to go for, even what to wear or how to do your hair or makeup –... read more

The Importance of a Wedding Album.

I’m always honoured – and flattered, truth be told – when a couple approach me to ask me to be their wedding photographer. It’s not a decision people make lightly – I don’t think I’m overstating the importance of a wedding photographer when I say... read more

Summer Faithlegg House Wedding – Alison and David

Faithlegg House Wedding Photography | Alison & David Alison and David are my kind of couple. So easy in each in each others company and so comfortable to be around. Sweet, thoughtful with two really lovely families. Their summer wedding at Faithlegg House was a... read more

5 Reasons To Have An Engagement Session

Answer honestly: how do you feel about having your photograph taken? Perhaps you’re a natural poser and the idea of having a camera pointed at you for several hours is simply heaven….or maybe you’re more like me – yes, even photographers get camera shy- and the... read more

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