Stylish Hotel Kilkenny Wedding – Catherine and Conor

Kilkenny Wedding Photography | Catherine & Conor I spend a lot of time in Kilkenny over the summer months for weddings but it has been a while since I have photographed at Hotel Kilkenny. It was lovely to be back there again and with this beautiful summer of... read more

Your Wedding Day Schedule

Planning a wedding is full of incredible highs. Menu-tasting is pretty wonderful, as is the first time you try on ‘The One’ – but don’t be deceived. There are also some – well, not lows exactly, but perhaps we could call them less thrilling moments... read more

My Top Tips for Your Wedding Day Morning Preparations

Some of my favourite photographs from the weddings I cover are those taken first thing in the morning as the bride gathers with her nearest and dearest to prepare for the day ahead. There’s just something about that buzz, that excitement – and then the stillness... read more

The Importance of a Timeline on your Wedding Day

I was talking to a friend recently whose little sister is getting married in the Autumn. “So is everything sorted, then?” I asked – and she grimaced. Why? “They’re planning on having a very relaxed day,” she said. “To the point where there’s no seating plan, no... read more

Family and Group Shots At Your Wedding: Cool or Uncool?

It pains me to say it, but I’ve detected a little snobbery in the wedding photographer and wedding blog world. You see, there seems to be a view amongst some photographers that there’s something ‘wrong’ with taking family and group photographs at a wedding. You know... read more

My Kind of Fairytale – Hannah and Paul

Wedding venue brochures throw around words like ‘exquisite’ and ‘enchanting’ pretty lightly, but with Waterford Castle every grand adjective is justified. The ferry over was such a thrill – all the excitement of an elopement! – and who doesn’t want to get... read more

michelle and matt engagement

Waterford Wedding Photographer I loved this session on the beach with Michelle and Matt, who’s wedding I will photograph later in the Summer up at Lough Rynn Castle. We met on a foggy Saturday morning in Tramore for a beach session and despite the weather these... read more

My Three Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

It’s time to choose The One. No, not the man – if you’ve ended up on these pages, I think you’ve probably managed that – and I don’t mean the dress of your dreams, either. Much as I love poring over a wedding magazine (or twelve!) and calling it ‘work’... read more

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